New to affiliates?

If you don’t already have an affiliate program and are unsure what’s involved, we can talk you through the process. We’ve been complimented for not using jargon and being straight forward. All questions are welcome and invited. Affiliate marketing works for many business models and sizes and can provide them with considerable sales growth. If it’s not for you, we’ll let you know and advise you on what other marketing channels would work for you instead. Either way, contact us and we’ll let you know how many additional sales affiliate marketing could achieve for you.

Want to grow your existing program?

If you have an established affiliate program and want to see how far you can push it, get in touch. We’ve a host of case studies that show the growth we’ve achieved after taking over from incumbent agencies. We’ve outperformed some of the largest and expensive media agencies out there! We reward success and all our team enjoy performance related bonuses when we increase your sales. So, across the board, all of us constantly look for new ways to grow your business. We provide free program reviews and proposals so why not ask us what we can do for you?

What is affiliate marketing?

Put simply, affiliate marketing is a method of promoting your product or service on a relevant website. They will direct customers to your site to complete a sale. The majority of time, payment to affiliates is performance based, so you only pay for the sales they generate for you.

The main players in affiliate marketing are:

You, the advertiser
You sell a product or service online

The affiliate
The website who promotes your company and sends customers to you

The affiliate network
Networks provide a tracking and reporting service and pay your affiliates each month. They also provide lots of other valuable services such as hosting networking events and providing industry insights. We’ll recommend and employ the best network for your needs

Us, the agency
We create your affiliate strategy and tailor it to your goals. For example you may want to…

Grow your sales, Reduce competitor leakage, Increase new customers, Retain existing customers, Reduce basket abandonment, Improve the life time value of your customers, Increase average order values, Improve brand recognition, Expand into new markets, Reduce your cost per acquisition

Whatever you want to achieve we can create a strategy, implement it and refine it on an ongoing basis.

5 ways to increase sales

Understand your affiliates

Each affiliate works differently, provide them with what they need to perform

Each affiliate works differently, provide them with what they need to perform

Understand your competitors

Locate and recruit your competitors affiliates. Monitor their messaging and find out what works for them

Increase average order values

Push high value products and run spend and save incentives

Improve click volume and conversion rates

Create appealing incentives for your affiliates. Check content and always recommend site updates

Optimise, Optimise, Optimise!

Constantly monitor results, encouraging both improvers and decliners alike