Meet the Team

Meet the team: Fiona Edwards

Fiona Edwards

Founder / Director

I began my affiliate career back in 2005 as a university project, selling holidays and car hire in France. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside some great minds in the agency world and on dozens of amazing clients. From financial and telecom giants to niche SME retailers, all with fascinating business models and unique objectives. After launching affiliate marketing departments for other agencies and seeing them go from strength to strength, I decided to set up my own. Outside of work I like wild camping, canoeing and survival techniques. Basically, if Armageddon comes you’ll want me on your team!

Margaret Herrera

Affiliate Manager

I have worked in affiliate marketing for over 15 years, and loved every minute… highlights of which were travelling to overseas conferences and taking full advantage of all the free bars I could, all in the name of networking of course! My current interests are fairly normal, spending time with friends, a few sports here and there. Random facts: I have never done (or ever will do) CrossFit or watched a single episode of Game of Thrones!

Meet the team: Margaret
Meet the team: Casey

Casey Mann

Affiliate Executive

I’m fairly new to affiliates, but being a bit of a chatterbox it fits in quite nicely with my personality! Previously I worked for many years for Toyota and Lexus GB in various roles – mainly ones that meant I could speak to people all day! I love cars, football, and getting very involved with running and cycling challenges.